Wolf Creek Geophysical Consulting provides seismic QC consulting and 3-D data acquisition consulting services for the worldwide oil & gas exploration industry, and is owned and operated by seismic QC consultant Harold O. Beard.

Seismic QC Consulting Services

I offer a wide range of seismic data acquisition QC consulting services, both international and domestic:

  • Land, shallow-water, jungle, desert, deep-water marine seismic surveys
  • 2-D and 3-D data acquisition QC
  • PROMAX monitoring and supervision
  • Total project management for international and domestic seismic QC projects

USA Operation

  • Providing 2-D and 3-D seismic data acquisition field QC supervision
  • Seismic permitting/seismic options
  • Total geophysical and permitting project supervision
  • BLM and US Forest Service monitoring and compliance


I have over 25 years experience as a seismic QC consultant and 3-D data acquisition QC consultant. My geophysical consulting experience has included 2-D and 3-D field acquisition duties encompassing EAME, South America, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, and the USA. This entailed projects on land, shallow water, OBC, and deep-water marine seismic, involving 26 countries, with extensive experience in the USA. Please see Experience for more detail on my background and qualifications as a seismic QC consultant and 3-D data acquisition QC consultant. Please see Projects for the locations and descriptions of the many seismic QC consulting projects that I have completed over the years.